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Growth Spurt in Babies

What is growth spurt? Why does my baby want to feed so often suddenly? Why is my baby hungry all the time?   My baby is 3 weeks old. She used to breastfeed every 2-3 hours, but now she has suddenly started feeding every half an hour to one hour. I am finding it difficult to cope. Is my supply diminishing?

How do I know if my baby is getting enough formula?

Is my baby getting enough formula for feed? How much formula to give to baby? Is my formula-fed baby going hungry?   How do I know if my baby is getting enough formula? – Every mother worries about how much her baby should be eating especially in the early days. If you are feeding formula, how much you should give to your baby will

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How to buy baby formula- Types of Formula

How to buy baby formula? Which formula is the best for my baby? How to buy baby formula – When you go to the market to buy formula for your baby, the vast amount of choice can overwhelm you completely. Different types of infant formula are available in market and they must be used after discussion with baby’s doctor.   There are various types of formula

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Formula Feeding Needs – Essentials for feeding baby

What do I need for formula feeding? Essentials for formula feeding mothers   Unlike breastfeeding, where you just need yourself and your hungry baby to start breastfeeding, you will need some basic equipment to bottle feed.  Read more on breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding. Formula Feeding Needs -Essentials needed for formula feeding   Feeding Bottles – You will need 6-8 feeding bottles of different sizes. You

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