8 Simple Tips to be a Smart Mom and make Life Easier

Every mother is balancing multiple tasks at all times. From handling everyday home tasks and taking care of husband and kids to children’s school work and studies as well as handling work, she dawns a lot of roles and handles many responsibilities with aplomb. But even the most organised of women can sometimes feel over-whelmed and stressed. We have only 24 hours in the day, so working smart rather working hard is the only way to have a fulfilling life.  What better occasion than Mother’s Day to share these tips with you guys.

 How being a smart-mom makes life easier

Learn to ask for help

This is where a lot of us lack. We want to do our best for everyone without expecting any help. It may feel like you have accomplished a lot all by yourself for a few days, but you will soon start feeling exhausted. Your family may not even realise how you are feeling unless you let them know. It is best to ask for help, be it your husband , mother-in-law or kids.

Exercise to keep fit

Exercise is no more optional! It should be an essential part of one’s daily routine if one wants to remain healthy and fit for life. Exercising releases happy hormones and enhances sense of general well-being. If doing it by yourself appears daunting, you can form a group where all of you can cheer and encourage each other. Social media has made it even easier to find like-minded people who can come together and do stuff of common interest. Simple exercises like these can help you be fit and lose weight post-pregnancy

Make lists to organise your day

Whether you like it or not, making lists work!

And I can vouch for it personally.

Try making to-do list for the day with the most important tasks that you want to accomplish that day. This can be done for work as well as home

Packing Lists work wonders so we do not leave any important thing behind.

Shopping lists make sure you get everything you want in one go and do not have to visit the supermarket again for that one thing you forgot to pick up.

Packing checklist when travelling with your toddler

A smart mom anticipates problems and uses tools to prevent them like Berger easy clean washable paint on walls

When children are around, messes are not too far. All children make messes and walls often end up being the canvas for little picassos. A smart mom takes decision which can make her life simpler like choosing an easy to clean paint for walls.

 Berger easy clean is one of the best options available out there.  With an easy to clean, washable paint on walls, you can simply wipe or wash off the stains. Just take a sponge and wipe it off when you and your children have had their fill.

Learn to say NO

Saying YES to everything you are requested to do may make you popular, but it may not be good for your own sanity. So, a smart mom knows when to say NO.

Do meal planning beforehand

Meal planning often takes more time than the preparing the meal itself. A smart mom spends half an hour on the weekend to plan and prep meals for the coming week to save hours that are needed to prepare fresh, homemade meals for your family. It also helps when you have clear instructions for your domestic help and s/he knows what exactly needs to be done that day

How being a smart-mom makes life easier

Find time for yourself

Find a little time that is only for yourself. It could be early in the morning or late at night whatever is comfortable for you. Make time to do something which makes you happy like reading a book, doing a craft, watching your favourite web series or spending time with your girlfriends.

Get regular health checkups done

A smart mom does not neglect her own health. She would take care of her own health just like the rest of the family. Regular yearly health checkups are the easiest way to know, if you have any health issues before the problem becomes too big. Thyroid deficiency, Vitamin D deficiency and Vitamin B12 deficiency are very common among women and lead to symptoms like lethargy and exhaustion. You can often feel better just by detecting and taking right medication for these ailments.

These are only some tips that can truly make you a smart mom who is organised and happy. Do you have more tips to add to these? Do share what you follow to remain organized and calm.

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20 Responses to “8 Simple Tips to be a Smart Mom and make Life Easier”

  1. Wonderful tips. I wish I had taken better care of my health earlier. Very good reminder. Happy mother’s day

  2. Charu Arun

    I have used Berger Easy clean in my home and it is very effective and easy to clean stains. Great article for mums.

  3. Gunjan

    These are some really simple a s great tips.. I too love making list for each and every thing so not to forget them later

  4. Planning ahead helps me a lot although i still fail at taking out time for myself but still i am improving ….Washable paints at home are like free canvas and with a toddler at home my piece of mind comes from the fact that i need to just wipe it clean

  5. Shubhada Bhide

    These are some excellent tips. I really love to make a list or a schedule in everything I do, so I will not forget it

  6. Smart Moms is the need of the hour. Kids are getting even smarter so being on your toes and managing everything seriously need to be planned. Some good points share which can verified by every mom.

  7. Organising and planning in advance have always been my keys. These two help me a lot in staying in track and not sweating too much for meeting deadlines.

  8. Moms need to take care of themselves. A happy mom means a happy family. Great tips for moms to follow.

  9. Wow!! Love this post. You have given sm=ome fantastic ideas for moms looking to solve their time management problem. Good one.

  10. Very well articulated points. Taking care of Self is indeed essential- for the benefit of everyone!

  11. It’s not easy to be a mom at all. But here are some great tips and we moms need such reminders all the time.
    I have been meaning to get he easy clean paint from Bergers for a while – need to get home Diwali ready.


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