Our Journey with Pediasure – Month 3

So you know that we have been using Pediasure for last few months and we shared our experience with your guys. In this article, I want to share how we fare after about 3 months of using Pediasure.

To recap, my almost 6 years old daughter had an issue with catching frequent cold and cough. She was also turning into a slightly picky eater with long school hours now that she was in elementary school. She has always been on the leaner side. It was not really a concern for me but I was certainly worried about her catching cold frequently. It also meant her having to miss school as once she would catch a cold & cough, it would take many days to subside. Especially staying in Bangalore, where the amount of pollen is very high causing lots of respiratory issues like allergies. A friend once jokingly said that instead of being called “Pensioner’s Paradise”, Bangalore should be called “Pediatrician’s Paradise”. 🙂
I wanted her immunity to improve as well as her overall growth. And that’s when someone suggested Pediasure and I thought of giving it a try.

We are happy to share with you guys that we have seen many positive changes since we started using Pediasure almost 4 months ago.

Changes that I notice in my daughter since we started Pediasure:

  • She has grown a couple of inches in last 4 months.
  • She has gained about 1 kg in weight.
  • She seems to have better immunity and hasn’t caught any cold in the last 4 years. I am of course keeping my fingers crossed for the coming winter season.
  • She is also not missing school as she is not falling sick very often.
  • One more positive change is that she loves the taste of Pediasure chocolate flavour, so she does not bother me while drinking milk like before.

How much Pediasure do I give?

I give 2-3 scoops in a glass of milk to her. You can also try  mixing it in warm water.

Important points to note while using PediaSure for kids

  1.  PediaSure powder is for kids who are 2 years and above, so refrain from giving it to babies and toddlers below that age.
  2. It is not for kids who are lactose intolerant as it contains milk solids. It should not be given to kids who have galactosemia either.
  3. It is a supplement to help with growth along with a good diet and it should not be taken as a substitute for healthy, homemade food.
  4. Pediasure should be added only to lukewarm water or milk and should not be heated under any circumstance as heating it above 35 degrees centigrade kills its probiotic nutrients.

Pediasure is especially great for kids in the morning before school when they are not very keen on having full breakfast early morning. A glass of milk with Pediasure will ensure they go to school on a full stomach and have the energy till they get the next break, when they can have the breakfast that you pack for them.

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  1. Shiskha P

    I have used Pediasure for my son and it has definitely helped his immunity.


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