Namkaran / Naming Ceremony - Making it a happy day for your baby



 Making it a happy day for your baby

 Your baby is still too young to fend for herself and depends on you to ensure her welfare. There is a tendency to get carried away during such ceremonies, but keeping a few things in mind will ensure both your guests and baby are happy :

  • Ensure that baby is well-rested before the ceremony. Try to ensure that the time of ceremony does not coincide with your baby's nap time.
  • Feed the baby before the ceremony, so that she is not hungry at that time. 
  • Keep baby's diaper bag handy with all necessities handy. Diapers, wipes , water, formula, food (if solids have been started) should be close at hand.
  • Keep your baby's favorite toys close by to comfort her, if she starts crying or gets cranky.
  • Choose a venue which is spacious and comfortable. Ensure you have some privacy, in case baby needs feeding during the function.
  • Keep guests to a minimum. Close family and friends should be invited. Too many people might scare and overwhelm your baby making it a traumatic experience.
  • Do not allow anything to be fed to your baby which is not safe for her age. Below 1 year honey, cow's milk etc is not recommended by experts.
  • Do not allow everyone to pick baby up. It is already overwhelming for baby to see so many new faces, but going from one to another may scare some babies.
  • Follow your baby's cues. If your baby is uncomfortable or wants to sleep or feed, ensure you tend to her needs.
  • Carry baby's stroller where she can sleep peacefully if a bad etc is not available at hand.
  • Never leave your baby alone even for a minute. Always keep an eye on baby.
  • Keep the place well-ventilated in case you have a hawan. Do not make baby sit near the fire as smoke may choke the baby or baby might handle something hot by accident.


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