Namkaran / Naming Ceremony


Namkaran is Hindu naming ceremony or christening. Namkaran is usually the first big ceremony after a baby is born.Namkaran in Hindi literally means "making of name ", i.e. the day when a name is given to a newborn baby.

When to organise Namkaran ?

In some parts , it is held on the twelfth day , but it can be done anytime before baby's first birthday. In certain parts of India, it is done in 3rd or 5th or 7th or 9th month for girls and in 6th or 8th month for boys.

How is Namkaran performed ?

A priest is usually called to perform the religious rites or puja. This usually accompanies a hawan or homa. Baby is bathed and dressed in new clothes. Friends and relatives are invited to bless the new baby. The priest would perform puja and consult patri to suggest a letter which is good for baby. This is based on hindu astrology. Baby's horoscope is also drawn on this day. If parents have decided on a name, it is whispered in baby's ear by an elder of the family.

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These days the ceremony is conducted, but the name is not always kept according to the custom. Parents usually prefer to have a name which they like and have decided upon.

In some parts, baby is also fed something other than milk for the first time on this day. This is called Annaprashan.

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