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Resources and tips to aid in teaching a toddler.

Top 10 points to keep in mind when choosing a school for your child

Once your child crosses that 2 year mark, most parents start thinking about schooling of the child. And why not! It is one of most important decisions that you will make for your child that will affect not just the next few years of her life but her whole life. You know how strongly I feel about schools being kid-friendly, since I myself have

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How I knew my daughter’s school was not right for her!!

The story goes back a couple of years! My daughter had turned 2 and she used to go to a play group close to our home. She was super happy there and being the happy, mingling child that she always was, she was the only child who never cried for mommy during that year.     Like every parent, we wanted to provide the best for

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Tips to Teach Kids about Leap Year

2016 is a leap year. Yes, it means this very month, February is going to have 29 days this year. I casually mentioned this to my 5 years old daughter and then the flood gates of questions opened as expected! It was not easy explaining it to a young child who still only knows the names of the months. I researched about it on

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How to Develop Love of Reading in Kids

  Now many of you know that I am a bookworm and I read books like crazy. If I start a book, which fascinates me, I just cannot rest till I have read it cover to cover. I have had real bad days because of this habit, like showing up for meetings tired, with dark circles under my eyes because I was up reading

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3 Sorting activities for Pre-schoolers

  Sorting activities for pre-schoolers – Holidays mean children complaining about having nothing to do. They don’t want to play with the same old toys, which they have played numerous times. Finding something creative  and new for them can be a challenge. My little one loves to help around the house, so she wants to dust or water plants or just do something in

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Teaching about wild animals to pre-schoolers

  Teaching kids about animals in one of the first things that is done at home and school. We can make them understand difference between wild and domestic or farm animals and also make them aware of the importance of animals in the eco-system. We will look at some fun ways to introduce children to wild animals.

Art as a Teaching Tool

pic source: When you see your child deeply engrossed in crayons, bringing her thoughts to paper, the smile on her face as she makes a masterpiece with her fingers and paints, trying to recreate her experience of that wonderful holiday you all just had, when she brings a colourful smowman she has just made out of play doh, you know art / drawing/

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Rhymes to Teach Counting to Kids

Counting 1 to 10 is among the first things toddlers are taught. Rhymes are a wonderful way to teach kids anything. Children are naturally inclined to music and they enjoy rhymes. Here are five popular rhymes which you can use to teach counting to your child.    One, Two Buckle My Shoe  

5 Tips to Raise a Reader

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway I am an avid reader and would like my daughter to love books as well. I introduced her to picture books very early and telling and reading stories is an everyday affair. She loves reading her books and reading the same books again and again means she recognizes the pictures and what

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6 Tips to help Child Adjust to PreSchool/ Home to Preschool transition

6 tips for easy Home to Preschool Transition   Starting school is a very big milestone for a child and parents. Most kids start preschool or playgroup when they are between 2 to 4 years old. Preschool offers many benefits, but it can be daunting for the little one to leave the safety and familiarity of home and join a new establishment full of

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