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5 Tricks To Deal With A Stubborn Child

How to manage stubborn child How to deal with a stubborn child As adorable as they are, toddlers can be notorious and adamant at times. They refuse to listen to you and have one answer to everything you ask of them: “NO!” Dealing with a toddler who is bent on getting her way is not easy.  Some toddlers tend to be negative and uncooperative

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Top 5 points that every parent should know about AUTISM

Autism or autism spectrum of diseases is an often heard but also often misunderstood term. There is so much information on the internet about it that it leaves you baffled. I recently had the good fortune of attending a live webinar by Himalaya BabyCare. It was an insightful session with Dr. Anupama Maruvada, who is a practicing child behaviour therapist, an expert in the

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Top 7 Tips to Help Your Toddler put himself to Sleep

Every parent wants and absolutely loves seeing an active, bubbly and a lively baby. But it should be understood that rest and sleep are equally important as much as good nutrition, exercising, being active and playful. Sleep is a natural and integral part of the daily routine of the human body. It is necessary to get sound and quality sleep for every individual irrespective

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How I potty trained my baby- Elimination communication vs. Readiness approach

How to potty train a toddler?       Potty training is a milestone that parents perhaps look forward to most. Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to those diapers which are not only messy but also heavy on pocket. There are many ways to potty train a baby and different approaches work for different kids. Even in a single family, what worked for

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8 Tips to Survive terrible twos and toddler tantrums

You might have been warned of ‘the terrible twos’ & may feel unprepared for this stage as your toddler would have been co-operative until now. This is going to change soon. This stage can begin anywhere from fourteen months & go up to thirty six months of age. Most children become hard to manage around this time. This is because of the huge developmental

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Signs of developmental delay in children

The progress on the growth and development of your baby is indicated by each milestone reached. Each milestone in your baby’s development is arrived within a certain time frame. For example it is generally seen that babies start walking around the age of one. Slight variations within the time frame are acceptable and are completely regarded as normal. One might just be a little

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5 Tips to Potty Train your Toddler

Once your baby reaches toddlerhood, one dreaded milestone for parents is potty training. There are plenty of questions that a first time parent has and there is no dearth of advice too from friends and family, books, websites, so much so that it can be daunting. Let us try to answer a few common questions that most first time parents face.

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