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The idea of Recipes for Babies section is to introduce baby to a variety of food and encourage healthy eating habits by  making homemade baby food. Healthy eating starts from home and your baby will follow your cue. Cook at home and serve lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses and healthy meats.
Recipes in ShishuWorld are healthy for babies and kids, but are delicious enough to be devoured by adults too.
Recipe Corner is your place to explore tried and tested as well as new recipes. Recipes for babies, toddlers and kids are easy to make as well as versatile enough to change according to your kid’s preference. Make your own baby food by using the recipes given here.
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Masala Chaas (Spiced Buttermilk)
Papaya Milkshake


Early morning routine of a 6 years old – Making breakfast healthy and fun #OnceUponABreakfast

My daughter recently turned 6 years old. Those of you who follow us know that I am a doting mother and my day starts with having a cup of tea and getting my daughter ready for school. My daughter is usually an early riser and gets up on her own by 7 am. So, that’s no problem. But the problem starts after that. So,

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Weight gain recipe: How to make Homemade Dry Fruits Powder for Babies, Toddlers & Kids

This is one of the most requested recipes from our readers. Though it is very simple, but people often have trouble in making a nice dry fruit or nuts powder. It sometimes turns into paste or is not fine enough. Here we tell you the trick to make the perfect dry-fruit powder, which you can give to babies, toddlers or even older kids. Nuts

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5 simple bread based breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers

Breakfast ideas for toddlers Some time back we has shared over 50 breakfast ideas for children and the whole family and that post was much appreciated.  50 simple Breakfast ideas for children You guys know that we also have a very popular Youtube channel where we share 3 new recipes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have been receiving requests both on the blog

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10 Simple Vegetable Puree Recipes for Baby

 10 Simple & mixed Vegetable Puree Baby Food Recipes  Vegetable puree baby food recipe – When a baby close to 6 months old, her parents and other caregivers start worrying about starting solid food for her. Most paediatricians recommend exclusive breast feeding till age of 6 months and then starting solid food gradually. Do check out the weekly meal plan for 6 months baby. 6 months baby

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How to Introduce Chicken to babies: Chicken & Vegetable mash for Babies

How to Introduce Chicken to babies : We have received many requests for sharing how to introduce chicken and fish to babies, so today I do just that. Our previous post on how to introduce eggs to baby has been super popular and we have been getting amazing feedback for it. 5 ways to introduce eggs to your baby You can introduce chicken to

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Apple Rice Baby Food- Lunch recipe for babies ( 6 months and above)

Apple Rice Baby Food Lunch recipe for 6 months old baby We have over 300 recipes for baby food and toddler food on our website and we still keep receiving requests for more and more recipes for babies and toddlers. So, I try and come up with newer recipes as often as I can. Today we share one more baby food recipe which is

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15 Homemade Cereal Recipes for Babies & Toddlers| Lunch & Dinner Baby Food

When your baby reaches near that 6 month mark and you start introducing solids to your little one, cereals are what you rely on. Cereal for many first-time parents means, store-bought cerelac or Nan which have so much sugar that no wonder your baby wants nothing else. So, we start with fruit purees and then vegetable purees and then we still need to give cereals, son’t we.

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8 Simple fruit puree recipes for baby – Stage 1 baby food puree recipes

Simple fruit puree recipes for baby How to make fruit purees for baby Even though this website has been up for almost 5 years now and we have umpteen articles on how to introduce food to baby and what can be given to a 6 months old when just starting, we still get the most question about this. Of course, it is natural! A

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Spinach Poha – Baby Food Recipe for 7 months+

Spinach poha recipe for baby – I have been getting so many requests for new baby food recipes and I know that our readers love them the most. I am working very hard on our Youtube channel and I record and publish 3 new videos every week, which might sometime mean, there are not enough updates on ShishuWorld. Our channel has been growing at

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4 Simple Idli Sandwich Recipes for Kids – Unique Idli Recipes

 Idlis are one of the best and healthiest options for breakfast. They are not only great for adults but also good for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. Idlis are wholesome, steamed and healthy. But, often children complain of not liking the same plain idlis. Here we present four unique idli recipes which the children will gobble up. Idli Sandwich Dessert – Unique

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