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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For children, it is even more important that they start their day with a healthy and filling breakfast. In this section we look at some breakfast recipes for kids.

5 simple bread based breakfast ideas for babies, toddlers

Breakfast ideas for toddlers Some time back we has shared over 50 breakfast ideas for children and the whole family and that post was much appreciated.  50 simple Breakfast ideas for children You guys know that we also have a very popular Youtube channel where we share 3 new recipes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have been receiving requests both on the blog

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Importance of Breakfast for a Good Start to the Day

  My daughter gets up in the morning around 6:45 am and has to catch her school bus at 7:40 am. The reason I wake her up almost an hour before bus time is because I want her to have a proper morning routine. Being a first grader, she also needs to be reminded every now and then to finish brushing or freshen up

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2 Quick Maggi Meal Ideas for Lazy Days| Comfort Food Ideas for Sick Days

The last few days have been crazily hectic for me. First my daughter was unwell, then the erratic weather caught up with me and post that the Navratri and Durga Puja celebration. I somehow feel all energy has been drained out of me. Do you feel so too? I have realised that taking it easy as well as having comfort food helps during such

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Early morning routine of a 6 years old – Making breakfast healthy and fun

My daughter recently turned 6 years old. Those of you who follow us know that I am a doting mother and my day starts with having a cup of tea and getting my daughter ready for school. My daughter is usually an early riser and gets up on her own by 7 am. So, that’s no problem. But the problem starts after that. So,

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4 Simple Idli Sandwich Recipes for Kids – Unique Idli Recipes

 Idlis are one of the best and healthiest options for breakfast. They are not only great for adults but also good for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. Idlis are wholesome, steamed and healthy. But, often children complain of not liking the same plain idlis. Here we present four unique idli recipes which the children will gobble up. Idli Sandwich Dessert – Unique

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Soya Tikkis/ Soya Chaap : Kid Snack/ Breakfast recipe

You might remember we shared how to make Soya Milk at home. After extracting the milk from soaked soy beans, we were left with the bean paste, which is still full of nutrition and we do not want to waste it. This dal paste can be used in many ways, as a filling in paranthas, in curries or chops and cutlets. Today we will

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Homemade Soy Milk : Step by step process to make soya milk at home

Homemade Soy Milk Soya milk or soy milk is no alien term for people anymore. It is easily available in your neighbourhood grocery store or supermarket. Not only that its popularity has been increasing in the last few years. With more and more people opting for vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, soy milk is fast becoming a good source of protein for those who can’t

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Kadali Apupaka : Eggless Banana cake using Banana powder & fresh bananas

Eggless Banana Cake : Kadali Apupaka Banana is one of the most nutritious fruits and the best part is it liked by most kids. I always like to use banana in different ways for my daughter and those recipes have been loved by all of you. You might remember the banana nut bread and atta banana walnut bread. Recently I came across another recipe of

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When and How to Introduce Egg to babies – 5 Egg Recipes for babies

5 ways to give Egg to Baby When can I introduce egg to baby? How to give egg yolk to baby? How can I give eggs to baby? Can I give whole egg or only egg yolk to baby? When can babies eat eggs? Is it safe for baby to have eggs before 1 year? These are few of the common queries that we

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Banana Suji halwa / Sheera for Babies- Weaning recipes

Banana Suji Halwa / Semolina Pudding for Babies – Weaning Recipe Apple Suji Kheer & Apple and Ragi halwa are among our most popular recipes for babies with our khichdi recipes. Many readers have written to me to include weaning recipe with banana and rawa, so here we are with banana suji halwa or sheera. This is a perfect weaning recipe for babies around

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