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Top 10 foods to increase breastmilk supply/ Lactation foods

Many mothers worry that they are not producing enough breastmilk and want to increase breastmilk supply. One of the best ways to increase breastmilk supply is to keep nursing frequently. Frequent nursing signals to your body that it needs to produce more milk. But before you get worrying, it is important to be sure that you actually have low breastmilk supply. A lot of

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Kajal for baby – Is it Safe to Apply Kajal/ Surma/ Kohl in Baby’s Eyes?

Is kajal safe for baby? Kajal for baby -This is a question that we are asked quite often and I can understand how confusing it can be for a first time mum to make this decision. On one hand, you have parents and other elders in your family advising you to apply kajal and on the other hand, you doctor and internet may be

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Here’s why you should invest in a home before you have a kid!

Flashback to the time when my husband and I were newly married and we shifted to Bangalore.  Both of us had good jobs with decent salaries and had a new city to explore. We enjoyed eating out and travelling and life was fun with double salary and almost no responsibilities. Like a typical young couple, we were not really bothered about investing and even

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This Mother’s Day, Put Mommy Before Others

Putting other’s needs before their own comes naturally to women. It becomes even more so once they turn mothers. It is always children, husband, parents and other family members before their own needs. Quite often they put their own needs at back burner to make sure others in the family do not face any problem. So, they cook their children’s and husband’s favourite dishes

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8 Simple Tips to be a Smart Mom and make Life Easier

Every mother is balancing multiple tasks at all times. From handling everyday home tasks and taking care of husband and kids to children’s school work and studies as well as handling work, she dawns a lot of roles and handles many responsibilities with aplomb. But even the most organised of women can sometimes feel over-whelmed and stressed. We have only 24 hours in the

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Breastfeeding Challenges for Millennial Mothers – With Dr. Asavari Dongre

Millennial mothers have different challenges than mothers of previous generations, so when I got this opportunity  speak with renowned gynaecologist Dr, Asawari Dongre, I was only too keen to share my learnings with you all. It was an enlightening session and Dr. Asavari was only too happy to answer the plethora of questions that we had. Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby and Mother After

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Internet has become as important as electricity now and if one doesn’t have access to it even for a day, life seems to almost stop. Entertainment has also moved from viewing TV together to a more personal form with mobiles, laptops and tablets. As time goes on, I realise that I hardly watch TV anymore, it is always my laptop or tablet that provides

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Himalaya FOR MOMS Intimate and Nursing care kit

Welcoming a baby is one of the biggest joys. However, with this brings numerous changes in a woman’s body. Sleeplessness, bladder issues, discharges, hormonal imbalances all add to a new mother’s discomfort. During this time, a woman needs a lot of pampering and gentle care. Himalaya has recently introduced natural intimate hygiene care range. And I being an ardent Himalaya fan was only too

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5 outfits your baby needs to rock in 2018

The new year 2018 is knocking on the door and we are all set for saying good bye to 2017. I recently went shopping for my 1 year old nephew and we went crazy looking at the cute outfits available all around. But, of course we know that there is no point going overboard when shopping for babies as they outgrow their clothes at

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How saying NO affects kids : #YESMom vs Mom

How saying NO affects kids – The other day I was looking at a video shared by a mom in our Mommy group. The video was in short emphasizing the need for mums to be strict and telling kids their limits for their own good. It said that children of strict mothers turn out to be more successful than children of those who are

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