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When it comes to babies, mothers are usually in the limelight while fathers take a backseat. This section is dedicated solely to expectant and new fathers.

New dads and babies – building bonds that last a lifetime

So  you are  expecting  !!!   Your  friends  send  you  congratulatory messages ,  fellow  moms   excitedly share  with   you  the  joys  of  many  first  times.  This is a  time  of    change  both  physically  and  emotionally  for  the   expecting  mom . While  not  as  apparent  the  expectant  father might  be  dealing  with some changes  himself ,  some  of  which  are hardwired   culturally , and  some   biologically

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5 ways for Fathers to connect with Toddlers

Increasingly  researches  underscore  the  importance   of a father in  the  child’s life well into  the teenage  years .  But  what is  it that  makes a dad so important to a  toddler  ?    What   do dads  do that moms don’t?   In  the  modern  family  it is  not  about  the  specific  do’s and  don’ts  ,  but  more   about  the    different  perspectives  they  bring  in.   Hence  having

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Top 5 Simple Tips for the Dad to Bond With the Newborn

  This article is second in the series for new fathers. If you have not yet read the previous article on New dads and babies – building bonds that last a lifetime, you can read it now. The  first  few  weeks   with your  newborn   will be  crazy.  The  little  bundle  seems to think that the  world revolves around her . While  the mother  seems 

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