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Gestational Diabetes : What, Symptoms & Precautions

Gestational Diabetes is a kind of diabetes which is diagnosed in pregnant women, who were previously not diagnosed with diabetes. This is usually diagnosed in third trimester of pregnancy.GD usually affects between 4 to 10 percent of pregnant women.   It occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone which breaks down body glucose to energy which is used

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Urinary Tract Infection during Pregnancy

UTI or Urinary tract infection is infection of the urinary tract or bladder. Women are more likely to have this due to their anatomy and this condition is quite common during pregnancy due to hormonal changes.

HELLP Syndrome

What is HELLP Syndrome? HELLP syndrome is a condition that affect pregnant women, almost always during late pregnancy. HELLP stands for three conditions – hemolysis (H), elevated liver enzymes (EL) and low platelet count(LP).


Preeclampsia is also called pregnancy-induced-hypertension or toxemia. It means a condition where hypertension or high blood-pressure arises during pregnancy or post-partum period (initial 6 weeks post-partum). It usually develops late in pregnancy in late second or third trimester (after 20 weeks and more often after 32 weeks of gestation) and symptoms include sudden rise in blood-pressure, swelling and significant increase in protein in the

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