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This corner is dedicated to creating tools and frameworks to help
other developers to build better content for children.
This is a development initiative from the house of 
Shishuworld provides new mothers all the information required for baby care.
It includes
Pregnancy Care
Infant Care
Food Charts
Fun Zone

How to use album scroller

  1. Select the position where you want to show the scroller. 2. Change the status to published 3. Assign the module for all pages or the pages you want. 4. Select the folder under images folder where you want to scroll the images. (We support png,bmp and jpg images with same extensions.) 5. Enter the width of the image which will be scaled

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Demo for Kids Album Scroller

Below you can see how the images are scrolled using this module. You can notice the theme picture rendered alongside the images. If you do not see any image even after 30 secs here that means your browser does not support HTML5.  {loadposition banner1}  

Kids Album Scroller

  This module is developed to provide a simple interface for showing photo gallery with many specific themes and special effects. We support png,bmp and jpg images with same extensions. Primarily this is targeted to be used for photos which can be fun filled for kids but can be used in other sites also. The pictures can be scrolled with a theme picture rendered

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