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A baby will grow if he/she is given food, but a baby will thrive if he/she is nurtured.
Th is section holds article related to nurturing a baby’s body, mind  and soul.

Brain foods for kids: Top 10 foods to increase Brain Power in kids

Brain foods for kids What foods can increase memory in kids? Foods to boost your child’s brain power What foods can improve focus and concentration in kids? We know that good food is the basis of the all healthy body functions and brain is no exception.We had shared some simple activities that can stimulate a baby’s brain and the boost brain development in babies

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Himalaya for MOMS Soothing Body Butter review

I received a nice hamper from Himalaya with their new range of products for moms. If you follow my blog, you must know that I love their products for babies and children. I have also used a few of their products for grown ups like their body lotion and have liked it, so when I heard of them launching a range of products especially

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Flash Mob in Bengaluru’s mall by Babywearing Mums

Babywearing and breastfeeding is for everyone and it doesn’t restrict you from anything at all.  You got a live proof of this when more than 35 of Bengaluru’s baby wearing mothers got together in Garuda Mall, Magrath Road for a flash mob and took the Sunday shoppers by surprise.   The event was the organised by the members of a breastfeeding and baby wearing

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Benefits of using Silver utensils for babies

Benefits of using Silver utensils for babies I first received a set of silver bowls during my god bharai or Indian baby shower. At that time, I was given some kheer to eat from it and then I kept them and forgot about them.  When my daughter had her annaprashan, i.e. first time a baby is fed grains, she again received silver utensils, mainly

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Parenting Support: Other Care Givers

    There is a lot of truth in the saying that, ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’. It is a lucky family that has such an extended ‘village’ for family support these days. With the breakup of the joint family, this in most cases deprives young & new parents of the accumulated wisdom of grandparents and other close relatives, making

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The Language of Love – How to express love to your child

The strongest bond of love is that of a parent & a child. You may not fall in love with your baby as soon as she is born but with time you will develop such a strong bond with her that it will become impossible to image a world without your sweet baby.   

21 simple ways to make your baby smarter – stimulate baby’s senses

21 tips to develop & stimulate baby’s senses 15 simple ways to make your baby smarter   The baby brain is an incredible learning machine.  Its future to a great extent is in our hands. The baby’s brain consists of hundred billion brain cells called neurons. These neurons are connected to each other like a spider’s web. More connections means, smarter baby! The formation

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