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Baby food chart month by month
What  to feed and when to feed a baby is one of the biggest worries of a new parent. The maximum queries that we get are for Month-wise food chart for infants/babies. Check out the baby food chart month by month which outlines what to feed, what not feed and new introductions at a particular stage.

8 Month Baby Food Chart / Indian Food Chart/Meal Plan for 8 Months old baby

8 Month Baby Food Chart Indian By now the baby has been introduced to many basic foods and she is now ready to have three solid meals. We do not specify the quantity because it will differ for every baby. Always go by your baby’s cue and comfort. Once your baby is comfortably finishing a certain amount at a mealtime, you may add a

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7 Month Baby Food Chart/ Meal Plan for 7 Months baby

7 Month Baby Food Chart – Most 7 months old babies have had their first brush with solids to varying degrees and are usually ready to move forward from simple purees to more adventurous food. Many babies have also sprouted few teeth by now while many still do not have any pearlies. Despite this, most of them are ready for thicker mashes and combination

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Sample Diet Plans/Food Chart for Toddlers, Toddler Friendly Meals

Most parents are worried about their toddler’s nutrition as toddler are infamous for being erratic eaters. And one main worry is how and what to serve. Variety is the key when it comes to a toddler, so keep rotating stuff keep it interesting. At the same time, do remember your kid’s favorites of healthy food items so that you can serve them often and

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Indian Baby Food Chart, Infant Feeding Guidelines Chart (0-12 months) with 50+ recipes

Food chart for babies  Age-by-age month-wise guide to feeding babies/ Indian Baby food Chart  This age-by-age month-wise Indian baby food chart will help you in deciding what to feed your baby at what age during the precarious first year. These are only rough guidelines to help you. Do not stress upon feeding your baby only what and how much is mentioned here. Every baby is

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