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Ma’s age-old home remedies for babies and kids.

3 Effective Home Remedies to Remove Sun Tan

My daughter loves going for a swim and goes to the swimming pool every weekend. We decided not to put her into a formal swimming class and just allow her to enjoy splashing in the water and let her decide how she wanted to go further. She has learnt to float by herself and looks forward to her swim time every weekend. This however

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20 Home Remedies for Treating Chest Congestion in Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Chest congestion can be quite irritating and bothersome for anyone, but more so for babies and young kids. Chest congestion is often due to viral or bacterial infection. Cold and cough can bother young children at anytime but winter season often brings with it viruses as well as bacteria that can cause these infections. Babies immune system is still developing thus making them prone

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Food to give to baby,toddler during Diarrhoea/ Loose motions & Vomiting

What food can you give to child when s/he has loose motions? What to feed when baby is sick? One of the most common queries that we get is what food can be given to babies, toddlers and kids when they are sick. It is heart-breaking see your little one suffering and refusing food. You also want the child’s appetite to return, but one

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Sarson ka Tel/Mustard Oil Benefits for Babies, Kids & Adults

Mustard Oil Benefits for Babies, Kids & Adults – Mustard oil is native to South Asia and it is used in many ways. It is also known as “sarson ka tel” in Hindi, “sorshe tel” in Bengali, “rai ka tel” in Punjabi, “Kadugu Ennai” in Tamil. Mustard are little seeds and can be black, brown or yellow in color. The oil is extracted from

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8 DIY Home Remedies to get rid of Dandruff

Are you suffering from dandruff? Dandruff can be stubborn and those who suffer from it can tell you how irritating and embarrassing it can be. There are  umpteen products in the market and every time you visit a salon for a hair cut, your stylist suggest various hair spas for you. But the price and the uncertainty whether it will actually work or make

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5 Home Remedies to Deworm Children/ Intestinal Worms Remedies

Intestinal Worms is a word which evokes disgust and recoil in most people. However, it is also true that most children get intestinal worms during the initial years of their lives. It can be quite unsettling to see your child suffering from worm infection, but one must remember that this is very common and getting rid of worms is also very simple. What are

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Besan ka halwa/ Besan ka sheera/ Home remedy for cough and cold

We have been an a home remedy sharing spree off-late and this besan ka halwa home remedy for cough and cold is no exception. This halwa or sheera is delicious enough to make a dessert and it works for curing cough and cold too.

4 Natural Home Remedies for Dry cough

Home Remedies for Dry cough We all know how often little ones are attacked by cold and cough. There are many reasons for increase in cases, one of the biggest being high levels of pollution and allergens in the atmosphere. What is dry cough? Dry cough is the kind of non-productive cough which does not produce any mucus or phlegm with it. Most often

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35+ Effective Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in Babies, Kids

Tried & Tested  Home Remedies for Cough and Cold in infants , Toddler and Kids that actually Work Effective natural remedies for cold, cough and chest congestion in children Sometime back, I was talking with a friend and we started exchanging  home remedies for cold and cough in babies and kids and that’s when the idea for this post struck me. My dear friend whose 3 years

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5 Home remedies to build a child’s immunity

India is a country of celebration and festivities and we have some festival almost every month of the year, but the last quarter of the year is special. Festive season is my favourite time of the year. It starts with Dussehra/Durga Puja and Diwali and goes on till New Year. The celebration, the holidays just seem to carry on.

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