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Parenting resources to help you during pregnancy and at every step of bringing your baby up.   

Due Date Calculator              

BMI Calculator          

Baby Resource Locator      

Baby Names Finder       

Baby Growth Chart                                                                     _

Simy Cart Maze

Drive the cart with Simy to steer away from the teddy bears and strollers.. Keep collecting milk for keeping Simy healthy and fine… Leave comments to improve.. Read the instructions before you start. {source}   <iframe src=”” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″   style=”border:none; width:900px; height:600px; “></iframe> {/source}

Baby Names Finder

  Use this tool to find out the best possible name for your baby. You can select names from category such as Nature,Art,God,Celestial ,etc. Or you might just scroll through the alphabets..

BMI Calculator

Find my BMI

Due Date Calculator

Fetus Image Source – LMP Date Find my Due Date

Khoj – Baby Resource Locator

  Find out your all baby related resources in and around your vicinity. Just type your location and click on any resource button below to get details. For location start typing like “Indiranagar, Bangalore” or “Times Square, New York”. Powered by Google Places. Enter your location below. Toy ShopsChild ClinicLibraryHospitalsDay CareBaby StoresSchoolsSearch

Baby Feeding – Game

Target – Keep the baby happy and don’t let him lose on nutrition. Click on the any of the food item to feed the baby. Each food item has a happiness and a nutrition level. Choose your food correctly to keep the nutrition and happiness level alive for the baby. Also if you feed too fast, the baby will puke and lose some happiness

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